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Products & Services for Insurance Professionals
iiX offers insurers underwriting solutions to help evaluate risk and make informed underwriting decisions.  We also offer additional carrier services and claims investigation. Access to underwriting reports is quick and easy with our unique ExpressNet internet platform or additional connectivity methods. Our high-tech, innovative products and services combined with excellent customer service help streamline workflow, increase efficiency, and improve the bottom line.
Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs)
iiX provides nationwide access to MVRs, available instantly for most states. You get hassle-free ordering, eliminated duplicate MVR requests, and optional MVR scoring capabilities to help identify high-risk drivers.
DriverAdvisor® Monitoring
Keep track of drivers using iiX’s comprehensive driver monitoring technology.   DriverAdvisor® Monitoring ensures that drivers enabled for monitoring are continuously checked for changes to their MVR, promoting safety and reduced liability. DriverAdvisor provides monthly e-mail notifications and can help save money on MVR costs.
Undisclosed Driver/VIN Reports (UDV)
Access undisclosed driver information for households that includes Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) (where available) to determine vehicle ownership and household exposure from undisclosed drivers.
VIN Search
The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Search report provides information that includes the vehicle owner and owner's address, model year, make, body style, branded title/salvage indicator, and state providing the transaction record.
A-PLUS™ Auto and Property Claims History Reports
Access information from A-PLUS™ national databases to identify suspected claims activity for potential or existing insureds. Enhance risk evaluation and improve loss ratios. A-PLUS Auto reports also include VIN Decoding, Mexico theft, and salvage alert service. A-PLUS Commercial Property reports are also available to assist in evaluating commercial risks.  A-PLUS reports are available to carriers/MGAs and carrier-sponsored agents.
Credit Score Reports
Credit scores from TransUnion, one of the nation's leaders in credit-scoring data, offers proven financial data for the most accurate risk assessment, and enhances the quality and consistency of underwriting activities. This service is available to carriers/MGAs and carrier-sponsored agents.
ExpressFill searches an applicant’s phone number and returns helpful information that can help complete an application, saving you time and reducing errors. Additionally, the ExpressFill process utilizes phone search data to prefill other underwriting report requests.