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DriverSafe® and DriverAdvisor® Monitoring
iiX offers employers DriverSafe® and DriverAdvisor® Monitoring to help keep track of drivers, lower risk and reduce costs.
DriverSafe is a comprehensive driver management system that helps you store driver information for MVR requests as well as manage and group your drivers.
  • Save time by storing driver and request information.
  • Process MVR requests without reentering request data.
DriverSafe® Plus
DriverSafe Plus provides the next generation in driver risk management solutions. While utilizing the base platform provided by our widely used DriverSafe service, DriverSafe Plus adds analytical risk management features for employers. Using MVR data, this platform provides focused risk management analysis using color charts, graphs, and tables to highlight concerning driver risk factors, all at the click of your mouse. DriverSafe Plus offers employers a solution to take appropriate actions to reduce driver liability before it causes real problems. Features include:
  • Standard and customizable MVR scoring to facilitate uniform use of standards.
  • Analysis of drivers vs. DriverAdvisor state availability within your fleet with ability to activate monitoring for drivers in available states.
  • Analysis of MVR ordering frequency to ensure each driver is being evaluated in accordance with your risk management policy (Note: California EPN has unique restrictions. See California EPN page.)
  • Tracking of pending license expirations within driving fleet
  • Comparison between current MVR and previous MVR with change highlight and analysis.
  • Executive Summary reports and documentation by month of all risk analysis data, in PDF format, with automatic archive for future access
  • Ability to focus risk management analysis on Drivers, groups of drivers, or your fleet of drivers as a whole
  • Customer may store MVRs for up to five years so long as needed for a permissible purpose. (Note: California EPN has unique restrictions. See California EPN page.)
DriverAdvisor® Monitoring
Keep track of your drivers using the next generation of driver monitoring technology.  A feature within DriverSafe, DriverAdvisor Monitoring ensures that drivers enabled for monitoring are continuously checked for changes to their MVR. (Note: California EPN has unique restrictions. See California EPN page.)

DriverAdvisor Monitoring offers these unique benefits:
  • Monitoring of drivers for new MVR activity
  • Delivery of e-mail notifications
  • Savings on MVR costs by only receiving MVRs for drivers with new activity
  • Promotion of safety and reduced liability